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Pros and Cons of Breast Implants

Pros of breast implants

  1. Improved Self-Image
self image after breast implants
Pie chart showing the percentage of women with improved self-image after augmentation

According to a survey, 92% of women who had breast implants said that their overall appearance had improved. This statistic is not surprising when you consider the profound impact that breasts have on a woman’s self-image. For many women often feel more feminine and attractive with larger breasts.

  1. Improved self-confidence
Pie chart showing the percentage of women with improved self-confidence after implants

The same survey found that 82% of women said that breast implants gave them a boost in self-confidence. For many women, feeling confident and self-assured is essential to living a happy and fulfilling life. And while there are many factors that contribute to self-confidence, it’s clear that breast implants can play an important role.

  1. More wardrobe options and looking better in clothes
Pie chart showing the percentage of women that had more clothes options after breast implants

The survey also found that 83% of women with breast implants said that their wardrobe options had increased. This is likely due to the fact that clothes fit better when a person has breasts of a consistent size and shape. Breasts that are too small or too large can cause clothes to fit poorly, resulting in an unflattering appearance. In contrast, breasts that have been enhanced with implants tend to look more natural and proportional, allowing clothes to drape more smoothly over the body.

  1. Possibly a better sex life

1 in 2 women reported that their sex life improved after having breast implants.

Pie chart showing the percentage of women with an improved sex life after augmentation
  1. Implants last a long time

Breast implants are highly durable and have an average life span of around 10-15 years. After 10 years 1 out of 5 patients need some sort of revision procedure. While this may seem like a high rate, it is important to remember that the vast majority of women who get breast implants are very happy with their results.

  1. Surgery can be customized to your needs

Breast augmentation isn’t one-size-fits-all. You and your plastic surgeon will need to create a customised surgical plan. Many women prefer silicone implants for their shape and natural feel, but you may prefer saline. Your surgeon will help you choose the right implant size. The right size of breast implants depends on how big or small you want your breasts to be and your natural breast size.

Cons of breast implants

  1. Possible complications

Although breast implants are generally considered safe, there are potential risks that should be considered before undergoing the procedure. These include the following:

  • Scar tissue
  • Breast feeling hard
  • Ruptured implant
  • Creases in implant
  • Uneven breasts
  • Implant rotating in the breast
  • Acquired congenital symmastia
  • Rippling of implant
  • Nipples may become more sensitive or numb
  • Inability to breastfeed
  • Producing less breast milk
  • Capsular contracture
  • Leaking implant
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Breast pain
  1. Recovery time after surgery

Breast augmentations need a lot of downtime in order to allow the body to heal properly. You can’t return to work straight after surgery. After a breast augmentation, desk workers usually take a week off. You can return to work and do light activities like walking after the initial recovery period.

  1. Cost of breast implants

Breast augmentation is not typically covered by health insurance, as they are considered a cosmetic procedure. The cost of breast implants can vary depending on the type of implant, the size, and the geographic location. Saline implants tend to be less expensive than silicone implants, and larger implants usually cost more than smaller ones. In general, the cost of breast implants typically ranges from $3,000 to $10,000.

The importance of taking time to consider your options

Infographic showing the time that patients spend considering options

Breast implants are a big decision. There’s a lot to consider: size, shape, placement, and more. It’s not something that you can just decide in the spur of the moment. You have to do your research and make sure that you’re making the best choice for you. One possible reasons for the high satisfaction rates is the lengthy amount of time that women spend considering their options before undergoing breast augmentation.

Summary – Is getting a breast implant worth it?

If your goal is to improve your self-image and confidence and increase your wardrobe options, then breast augmentation may be a great option for you. However, like any other procedure, breast implant surgery carries some risk of complications so it’s important you do your research and consult with a plastic surgeon to decide if it’s right for you.

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