These are the lowest paid doctor specialties

In this article, we’ll identify and discuss the lowest-paid doctor specialties according to the data from the physician compensation survey by Domixity.

Doctor SpecialityAverage Salary
1. Pediatric infectious disease$210,844
2. Pediatric Rheumatology$216,969
3. Pediatric Endocrinology$220,358
4. Pediatric Hematology & Onc$238,783
5. Pediatric Nephrology$247,861
6. Pediatrics$251,657
7. Medical Genetics$254,128
8. Pediatric Pulmonology$263,106
9. Preventive Medicine$264,539
10. Geriatrics$268,861
11. Endocrinology$270,116
12. Family Medicine$273,865
Table showing the average salary of different physician specialities (Data from Domixity)

As shown in the table above, pediatrics and pediatric specialties continue to be the lowest-paid career options for doctors. This is also confirmed by Medscape’s survey on physicians’ salary which also found pediatrics to have the lowest salary ($221,000) of the 29 specialties.

Furthermore, in the same report, 48% of pediatricians reported at least some decline in income from 2019 to 2020.

What other factors affect the net worth of physicians?

Other factors include student debt and incentive bonuses. According to the Education Data Institute, the average medical school graduate owes $241,600 in student debt (6 times as much as the average college graduate). Student debt will vary depending on the cost of the specific medical school and the time spent studying. In general, public medical school graduates owe on average $2000 less when compared to private medical school graduates.

Lowest-paid incentive bonuses

Doctor SpecialityIncentive Bonus
Internal Medicine$29,000
Family Medicine$30,000
Table showing incentive bonus vs doctor specialty (data from Medscape)

According to the doctor compensation report by Medscape, pediatrics had the lowest incentive bonus.

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